BidPrime Spotlight - Jen Lopes

BidPrime News Jun 24, 2019

Our clients, and those who work in and around BidPrime, know that we have a talented, diverse team with many interesting backgrounds and personalities. Many of our teammates at BidPrime are proud, born and bred Texans. Jen Lopes, who joined our Client Support team two years ago, has hit the ground running and is one of those who isn't a native Texan, but "got to Texas as quickly as she could!"

Jen grew up in the heart of northern California, where she spent her high school years and comes from a family of San Francisco 49'ers and Giants fans. Sorry, Cowboys and Astros supporters!

She moved to Austin, Texas, in 2015 to pursue her studies at the University of Texas. She is one proud Longhorn!


If you want to know anything about the past, Jen is your go-to. Already having joined our team, Jen graduated from UT in 2018, with a major in History. This academic background likely explains why she is so awesome at helping our clients find the information they need.

When she isn't contributing to the success of her clients and BidPrime, you can find Jen enjoying Zilker Park, paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake, going to Texas country concerts, taking roadtrips throughout Texas, riding downtown on her Ruckus, or searching for Matthew McConaughey at Texas Longhorns football games. Well, "alright, alright, alright..."

Jen shared that she loves working at BidPrime, because each of the employees are caring and dedicated to their work! "Our Client Support team feels like a family and we always have the most fun together!", according to Jen. She enthusiastically added, "The views of downtown, from our offices, aren't too bad either." Truth.

DID YOU KNOW? When Jen was 16 years old, she traveled to Taiwan and had dinner on the top floor of the Taipei 101 building, as in 101 floors, 1,441 feet above the ground! Displaying some daredevil spirit, Jen jumped out of a perfectly operational airplane and went skydiving over Monterey Bay, California. She also studied abroad in Germany for a summer. Danke for joining our team and your tireless efforts on behalf of our clients, Jen!

Taipei 101

For more information on our team, visit BidPrime.

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