BidPrime Spotlight - David Hibbetts

BidPrime News Sep 16, 2019

We often joke around the office that we could assemble an impressive, award winning band, just from members of our BidPrime team. Along with being a topshelf musician, David Hibbetts hits all the notes as a leader in our company. He works hard, cares passionately about our clients, and always strives to grow our company. And there is a lot more to him than what's behind the kit.

He was born and raised in Austin, the home of BidPrime. David, and his wife Susan, just celebrated being married 22 years! Congratulations to the Hibbetts family!

David and Susan have a daughter Ashley, who is a freshman in college and their son, Trey, is a junior in high school. After graduating from UT Business School, David worked for Dell for 12 years as a Sales Executive, during the tech boom years.

When he isn't helping to make things happen for his clients, David enjoys attending his daughter's music concerts (music runs in the family!), and watching his son's baseball tournaments, going to UT football games (Hook 'em), and enjoys live jazz shows and hammock camping around the Texas hill country and Colorado.

In his five years on our team, David has learned how government procurement can be daunting to many businesses. He enjoys working with clients to show them how our platform can help them identify timely opportunities that are perfectly matched up to their strengths. It oftentimes opens up entire business verticals that they had not previously tapped into. This helps them drive revenue growth, save time, thousands in registration fees and visibility to premium bid opportunities. For David, nothing is more rewarding than when clients tell him how they participated and won a $100K or $500K contract, as a result of our service.

DID YOU KNOW? One thing that many folks don't know about David is that he has been a drummer his entire life. Growing up in the 'Live Music Capital of the World', he had the chance to play many legendary Austin venues and meet and play alongside many amazing performers.

One of David's bands from high school produced two records and one of their singles was recently spotted circulating from a vinyl collector in Japan and sold for a jaw dropping $500.  Apparently, independent label records, from Austin during this period, are now highly collectible. We are so excited that David has been circulating with, and being highly productive for, his clients and our BidPrime team!

To speak with David, or to learn more about our company, visit BidPrime or call 888.808.5356.

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