BidPrime Quarterly Edition: 30, 2023 - Q3

BidPrime Quarterly Oct 06, 2023

😁 Happy Thursday! Editor: Bill Culhane.

📰 Celebrating 14 Years of Innovation - BidPrime Continues to Transform Bid Services

🎂 Fourteen years of innovation. For well over a decade, BidPrime has been committed to transforming the way our customers discover, qualify, and win more government contracts. Our powerful technology simplifies the bid research process so you can focus on crafting winning proposals, not just finding opportunities. With real-time alerts, Docs on Demand and DocSearch, bid matching based on your needs, and our dedicated Client Services team, BidPrime gives you a the biggest edge in the public sector marketplace.

As we recently celebrated our 14th anniversary, we are proud to look back on the growth and evolution of our company. What started as a small bid research firm has blossomed into the leader in our industry. We could not have achieved this success without the contributions and loyalty of customers like you. Your trust in our solutions has allowed us to continuously enhance our technology expand our capabilities, and smartly grow our team over the years.

Some of the most impactful innovations we have made include building out our database of bids to capturing over 1.2 million opportunities last year, integrating artificial intelligence to improve bid matching, and developing bid automation tools that help you streamline proposal creation. These advances have enabled our customers to scale their government business and maximize win rates, finding opportunities that are only captured on the BidPrime platform. Our commitment to communicating directly with you, understanding your needs, and simplifying daily workflows has remained front and center throughout our journey.

As BidPrime enters its next decade, our vision for the future remains ambitious. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in bid research, qualification, and proposal creation. Whether refining our search filters, adding new integrations, or employing emerging tech like predictive analytics and AI, we will continue enhancing our platform. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions.

Most importantly, we want to thank you for your partnership over the years. Your invaluable feedback and support spur our innovations. As we celebrate 14 years, we look forward to sustaining our collaboration. Let's continue working together to unlock even greater success in the public sector marketplace.


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Industry Analysis

🏗️ 🌐 The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act: An Update on Progress and Funding

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was signed into law in November 2021. This new law provides $1.2 trillion dollars for repairs and upgrades to America's infrastructure over 5 years. Infrastructure includes things like roads, bridges, railroads, airports, ports, the electric grid, water systems, and broadband internet. The law has many goals. Some top goals are to create good-paying jobs, improve safety, support underserved communities, advance climate resilience and sustainability, and make the U.S. more competitive economically. Funding from the law continues to roll out to states, counties, municipalities, and agencies. Here are some key updates:


    ● $110 billion is allocated for roads, bridges and major projects. In 2022, $63 billion was provided to states for federal-aid highway programs. States are now able to move forward with thousands of new infrastructure projects.

    ● $39 billion is set aside for modernizing public transit. In early 2022, $2.2 billion was granted to transit agencies to purchase low or no emission buses and improve facilities. More funds will support new transit projects.

    ● $66 billion is slated for rail improvements including eliminating Amtrak maintenance backlogs, upgrading Northeast Corridor, and expanding rail service.

    ● Airports will receive $25 billion for upgrades. A first batch of $2.89 billion has been awarded to over 3,000 airports nationwide for runways, taxis, terminals and more.

Water Infrastructure

    ● $55 billion is dedicated to improving water infrastructure. In 2022, $43 billion was allotted to states, tribes and territories to improve drinking water, replace lead pipes, and upgrade sewer systems.

    ● $8.3 billion is set aside for Western water infrastructure like dam safety, rural water projects, and drought contingency plans. First funds of $420 million were recently awarded.

Broadband Internet

    ● The law includes $65 billion to expand access to affordable, high-speed internet across the country.

    ● The first $45 billion is being provided as grants to states for broadband deployment. The remaining $20 billion will fund a permanent federal program to support continued broadband access and adoption.

Power and Grid

    ● More than $65 billion aims to boost power infrastructure resilience and reliability as well as spur clean energy transition.

    ● $11.7 billion has been allotted to states, tribes and territories through the State Energy Program for efficiency, renewable energy, grid modernization and more.

    ● The law also includes tax credits to incentivize clean electricity generation and investment in energy storage and transmission.

Environmental Remediation

    ● $21 billion is directed to cleaning up pollution like Superfund sites and abandoned mine lands. EPA has detailed plans to clear contamination backlogs.

    ● The law also funds plugging orphan oil and gas wells which can leak methane. Initial grants of $1.1 billion were given to 26 states to plug thousands of wells.

Resilience and Western Water Storage

    ● $46 billion is allocated to natural disaster readiness like flood mitigation and weatherization. New grant programs will help communities prepare for and adapt to extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change.

    ● Billions are also directed to water storage and supply projects in Western states like dam improvements and water recycling.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act represents a historic investment in upgrading America's infrastructure. While implementation will take time, the law is now funding shovel-ready projects and laying the groundwork for impactful new infrastructure that will benefit communities for decades to come.

BidPrime stands ready to continue helping our customers to identify bid and RFP opportunities originating from the Infrastructure Act by leveraging our database of over 1 million bids. As infrastructure projects are funded and bids, RFPs, etc., are issued, BidPrime will capture those opportunities so you and your business are prepared to compete.

For more information about the opportunities originating from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, or to review your account, please contact your Account Manager.

Maximize BidPrime

Connect with Hundreds of Public Sector Leaders at the 2024 CAPPO Conference & Expo

Have you ever considered or are actively looking to meet directly with procurement officials? Join us at the 107th Annual California Association of Public Procurement Officials (CAPPO) Conference & Expo in Palm Springs on January 21-23, 2024!

This premier event brings together over 700 procurement officials from California public agencies. We know firsthand that it's a valuable opportunity to showcase your company and engage with key decision makers in your target market.

Beacon Bid, our sister company, is proud to be a Gold Plus sponsor and will have a booth at the Expo on January 23. While you are at the event, please stop by to say “hello” to our BidPrime & Beacon Teams and learn about how Beacon integrates with BidPrime!

Contact our friends at CAPPO to reserve your booth by December 31, 2023 to get the best location.

Networking events like a golf tournament, social cycle, and run/walk let you connect with members in a relaxed setting. Spoiler alert: Don't miss the welcome reception, mixer, and exhibitor lunch!

Get details and register at the CAPPO website today. We hope to see you in Palm Springs! Let's grow our public sector business together.

Get details and register at the CAPPO Conference webpage.

⏱️Just the basics: Are you interested in meeting procurement officials in person? CAPPO is hosting their 107TH Annual Conference and Suppliers Expo, with the Vendor Expo on Tuesday, January 23, 2024. Go here for more info.

More Bids, More Wins: How Our Expanding Beacon Bid Database Connects You to Even More Opportunities

As many of you know, over the past year, we've significantly grown the number of agencies taking advantage of the Beacon Bid eprocurement solution. The agencies are from across North America, within a wide expanse of areas within the public sector. With new bids added daily, BidPrime customers have expedited access and can tap into this comprehensive collection of public sector opportunities available.

As with the opportunities originating from the other 120,000 unique sources monitored by BidPrime, you'll get alerts on new bids that match your criteria as soon as they're issued. This level of access and proactive matching enables you to get ahead of the competition.

Our mission is to get you in front of the most bids and RFPs, so you can win and grow your public sector business. The rapid growth and our direct relationship with Beacon Bid underscores our commitment to connecting you to the opportunities that matter most.

BidPrime Spotlight

🎉 Join us in Celebrating 10 Years of Anna Barnett’s Excellence

We recently marked a significant milestone for BidPrime and our VP of Client Services - Anna Barnett celebrated her 10th anniversary at BidPrime! In 2013, when Anna first joined us, she brought an incredible passion for helping customers, our team, and everyone with whom she interacts.

Over the past decade, Anna has been instrumental in building out and leading our Customer Success team. She pours her heart into ensuring each customer has a phenomenal experience with our solutions. Anna's care, proactive outreach, and industry knowledge provide immense value to our customers and entire team. Her dedication to understanding each customer's unique needs has helped inform BidPrime's product innovation and customer-centric focus.

We're so grateful to have Anna as part of our team! She exemplifies BidPrime's commitment to empowering customers' success through best-in-industry support. Anna's contributions over the past 10 years have been invaluable. We can't wait to see what she accomplishes in the next decade! Join us in celebrating this milestone and shining a light on Anna's excellence.

The Big Bid Theory

Changing government purchasing & mankind one edition of #CrazyBids at a time. Special guests discussing special topics. All of that and more. A lot more!

Setting the scene: Procurement trailblazer Kirk Buffington joins us to reflect on key lessons and takeaways from NIGP Forum 2023 and championing professional development. With over 30 years of experience, Kirk shares his journey to leadership within NIGP, FAPPO and elsewhere. Kirk weighs in on TBBT’s announcement of the ‘David and Beverly Nash Leadership Award’ to be presented in recognition of fellow leaders, who have gone above and beyond in the advancement of the procurement profession.

We discuss considerations for those contemplating pursuing a leadership position in purchasing, along with the resulting rewards of service. Contemplating a career in the purchasing field? Kirk shares his perspective and thoughts. Don't miss this wisdom-filled conversation with a dedicated advocate for procurement excellence!

Rick closes down the episode with a Crazy Bids you can win that decorates an already outstanding episode.

⏱️Just the basics:

Click below to LISTEN.

Click below to WATCH interview.

On this episode of ‘The Big Bid Theory’ our host, Bill Culhane, recaps an exciting and memorable NIGP Forum 2023 in Louisville. Among the highlights, Bill and guests Stephen Hetzel, CEO, and Josh Schwartzbeck, CTO of Beacon Bid, reminisce about Louisville, Innovation Theater, the Technology track (sponsored by Beacon Bid), RFP Critic's debut, Beacon Bid's popular Hot Raffle party, the excellent education sessions, and more. In summary, Forum had plenty of fellowship, energy and excitement throughout the event.

Check out as the three describe the palpable buzz around the launch of RFP Critic, Beacon Bid's AI solution that builds on their existing tools like the RFP Archive and RFP Builder by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. Hetzel explained how Critic reviews your draft RFPs to identify unclear requirements, suggest improvements, and point out potential biases, you reserve the option to use or lose the feedback, so you can release rock-solid solicitations to improve your contracting success and outcomes.

As has become a tradition, Beacon hosted a lively Hot Raffle party at Guy Fieri's restaurant, where the Beacon Bid team including Hetzel and Schwartzbeck welcomed and hosted their special guests.

Culhane recalls moderating the widely popular Technology track education sessions. He also stopped by Beacon Bid's well-attended ‘Sip and See’ to see demos of the new RFP Builder and Critic and see a product roadmap workgroup in progress.

Hetzel and Schwartzbeck shared Beacon Bid's growth over the past year. The two founders reflect on the overwhelmingly positive response to their AI-powered products that leverage the technology to streamline procurement and share plans for enhancing these solutions and Beacon Bid overall. They credit the strong NIGP community for supporting Beacon Bid's rapid growth.

Looking ahead, the host and guests share their enthusiasm for more innovations to come from Beacon Bid. With the continued support of the NIGP community, they are excited to continue disrupting and improving procurement. Culhane closes by passing the baton to Rick Jennings, our producer, for another engaging edition of Crazy Bids.

In Crazy Bids, Rick wraps up this installment of TBBT with a Crazy Bid that will have you barking and meowing… but not too loudly.

⏱️Just the basics:

Click below to LISTEN.

Click below to WATCH interview.

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