BidPrime Quarterly Edition: 26, 2022 - Q3

BidPrime News Oct 14, 2022

Exciting update from BidPrime, including our 13th anniversary

Did you see this important news from Stephen Hetzel, our Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder?

Sent to clients, 8/24/22

Today we celebrate our 13 year anniversary since BidPrime launched. Much has changed since that day, as we've learned and grown to become what we are today. And still with our successes to date, we remain committed to our core values and mission of providing maximum network coverage of the most bid sources, a one-stop portal for bid documents, relevant matches and customization, and unrivaled personalized client service.

We have some exciting news to make official, and there is no better day to announce it.

Over 6 months ago, we launched Beacon. Beacon is BidPrime's flagship E-Procurement service for government agencies to share and publish their bid and RFP opportunities. We've made it free for government agencies to post and share opportunities, and we've made a quick and easy user experience that embodies the same core design principles that make BidPrime incredibly unique.

We're very proud that Beacon is taking off, with over *124 agencies registered and growing (* as of Aug ‘22), and bids posted every single day.

You do not need to register for an account on Beacon to receive notices of RFPs posted by agencies. As a valued BidPrime customer, your account is already automatically linked through your BidPrime subscription.

We've seamlessly integrated Beacon into the BidPrime User Experience. We've made it easy for you to view and download documents posted by agencies on Beacon through BidPrime. And it's all included in your current BidPrime subscription.

You all know how frustrating and complicated getting documents on government sites can be. At BidPrime, we've addressed most of the hurdles by being the only service with Docs on Demand combined with unrivaled opportunity coverage that more than doubles the next leading bid database. We've provided a platform to view and search specification documents from our immense public dataset of documents using DocView and DocSearch.

Now, the inclusion of Beacon offers all BidPrime clients seamless and expedited access to bids, planholders, amendments, awards, and tabulations.

We have an extensive product roadmap at Beacon and BidPrime, and I'm very excited to share details in the future. We are even on track to release a private company planroom for Beacon in the coming year. The biggest challenge is making products that are accessible, intuitive, and efficient. Beacon and BidPrime are both designed to save you time and increase efficiency to get the information you need.

To all of our clients who were with us in our early years, and those who came to us just recently, thank you all for your business. We understand and appreciate that any of our successes are impossible without you. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Stay tuned for more!

Stephen Hetzel, Chief Operations Officer, Co-Founder


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Industry Analysis

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

From U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Chairman Tom Carper

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 (IIJA), also referred to as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, is a once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s highways, bridges, drinking water and wastewater infrastructure.

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW) played a critical role in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

In February of 2021, President Biden hosted EPW Chairman Carper and EPW Ranking Member Capito in the Oval Office for the President's first meeting with lawmakers to discuss the need for infrastructure legislation. The President, Chairman Carper, and Ranking Member Capito discussed the need for the EPW Committee to lead the way on landmark infrastructure legislation through bipartisan bills on drinking water and wastewater infrastructure and a surface transportation reauthorization bill to modernize our nation’s highways, roads, and bridges.

Raising cybersecurity awareness is good for everyone - but it needs to be done better

By Danny Palmer, Senior Writer, from ZDNet, Oct. 16, 2022

October is cybersecurity awareness month. But to keep people and networks safe, employees need advice all year round - and it can't be done with fear.

It's October, so that means it's that time of year. No, not Halloween. It's Cybersecurity Awareness Month which means reminders about how important it is to be aware of cybersecurity threats.

You've likely seen warning from HR about some of the most common cybersecurity issues you need to be aware of – things like phishing attacks and the importance of using a strong password or maybe even multi-factor authentication (MFA) if the organisation has it in place.

Providing people with useful advice on how to stay safe online – both at work and in every other aspect of everyday life – is a good thing. There's always going to be a race between software companies and hackers when a new security flaw is discovered, to see whether the vendor can fix it before the hackers can exploit it. But giving people even basic advice about how to protect themselves from attack will go a long way towards stopping breaches.

Maximize BidPrime

Comprehensive Coverage.

Countless bids at your fingertips.

Our team is proud to help you and your business expand your vision of, and access to, bid and contract solicitations. With visibility from over 120K North American government agencies and sources, we offer comprehensive coverage across North America. This means you don't have to waste time and money searching for solicitations on your own.

With BidPrime's comprehensive coverage, you can identify low visibility contracts – less visibility of opportunities means that fewer of your competitors are aware of these solicitations. BidPrime's technology, network of sources, and relationships allow for unparalleled access to state, municipal, and educational opportunities.

If you have questions about your settings, or need any assistance with updating your profile, contact your Account Manager or call toll-free (888) 808-5356.

BidPrime Spotlight

BidPrime and Beacon Collaborate to Sponsor, Exhibit and Enjoy NIGP Forum 2022

Excitement, networking, fellowship and learning were on full display and but some of the words used to describe NIGP Forum 2022, in Boston, Massachusetts. Throughout the week, another conspicuous topic was the announcement that is sure to resonate throughout the government agency purchasing and vendor/supplier spheres. BidPrime, an Austin-based technology company, made it official and quite public concerning their integration with Beacon, a new and innovative e-procurement solution.

Beacon representatives spent the week sharing how the goal is to expand bidder outreach. This e-procurement solution and service enables agencies to more easily create, post, distribute, and share solicitations with a large potential vendor market. Beacon allows prospective suppliers to benefit from a streamlined user experience without going through exhaustive registration processes that too often negatively impact vendor participation in the public sector.

The Big Bid Theory

Changing government purchasing & mankind one edition of #CrazyBids at a time. Special guests discussing special topics. All of that and more. A lot more!

NIGP Forum 2022 is in the books! The event in Boston was overflowing with excitement, networking, fellowship and learning. And new friends. Bill Culhane, our host, met David Nash, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB and our audience and show are better for this new friendship.

In this episode, Bill and David share their reviews on NIGP Forum. David, see his impressive bio below, shares pointers that agency professionals and suppliers should consider and make note. David covers what he would do to improve the important purchasing process.

Rick wraps up the episode with a Crazy Bids that is kind of fishy.

All of that and more. A lot more!

Beacon Bid is here! What is the latest in e-procurement that will help both agencies and business? Live from Boston - NIGP Forum 2022, Bill Culhane sits down with Stephen Hetzel and Josh Schwartzbeck, co-founders of Beacon. They share the story behind Beacon, including how Beacon transforms common obstacles and challenges with simple and efficient solutions to solve everyday challenges. From Solicitation Broadcaster, to RFP Archive, E-Bid, and more, agencies can take advantage of an easier, better solution. For bidders, they will now have increased access, improved success, and a more positive experience in working with the public sector.

As they did with BidPrime, Hetzel and Schwartzbeck are the architects behind the engineering of this excellent product, along with responsive, personalized service. Hear what they have to say.

Rick Jennings shares stories of penguins and Crazy Bids. What could be better?

All of that and more. A lot more!

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