BidPrime Quarterly Edition: 25, 2022 - Q2

BidPrime News Aug 31, 2022

DocSearch: Identify even more opportunities searching within bid specifications.

Did you know you can run queries across millions of active and historical specifications, tabulations, and awards exclusively hosted by BidPrime. DocSearch, a Premium Data feature, seamlessly integrates with Docs on Demand to provide you with instant access to view and search newly released opportunities and bid documentation.

BidPrime is the only source on the market with DocSearch. This feature will enable you to quickly scan pages of text within the documents for your keywords and search terms. Document text searching will speed up your process and save you time for the more important items on your to do list.

Search Key Contract Terms

Specific products/services

Line items

Brand names

Competitive vendor data

Budget items

Prebid conferences

Bond/surety requirements

For more information on how your business can take advantage of DocSearch, contact your Account Manager or call toll-free (888) 808-5356.


DOT Launches $1B IIJA Program to Reconnect Neighborhoods

Aim is to undo harm from highways and rail lines that cut off residential areas

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The Power and Pitfalls of AI for US Intelligence

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Expect another year of supply chain issues

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What Grants Do I Qualify For?

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Up, up and away: How Virginia Tech researchers are taking drone technology to new heights

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Earth’s oldest known wildfires raged 430 million years ago

Fossilized charcoal points to atmospheric oxygen levels of at least 16 percent

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From APTAC: Hurricane Disaster Contracting – Steps to take now

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Industry Analysis

BidPrime and Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA)

With the ongoing rollout of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), which was signed back in November 2021, we continue to see an increase in opportunities related to IIJA. Our analysts have, and continue to, closely monitor the results of this legislation and impact on public sector solicitations and purchasing. As predicted by many, opportunities are originating from state, local, and federal sources, across the board. Many current and prospective vendors are already taking advantage of identifying and qualifying opportunities relevant for their business. Based on the scope of bids and RFPs put forth from IIJA, far too many are erroneously of the opinion, "the IIJA has nothing for, or to do with, my business".

Many municipalities are targeting spending towards roads and bridges, along with other major projects. As we predicted long before the law was signed, water projects continue to be an emphasis, across many public sector entities.

The to-do list includes increased investment on broadband internet access, public transport, airports, ports, and waterways. Know this: despite the money spent in those areas, that leaves a lot from the $1 trillion plus investment package, spanning a massive list of industries and needs.

For specific details, visit BidPrime’s ‘Infrastructure Hub’ to identify specific solicitations applicable to you, your business, your community.

By Russell Fadel, CEO & Co-Founder at Augmentir, from Industry Today

Unlike the stable and predictable workforce of the past, today’s workers are hard to find, hard to engage, and hard to keep.

Today’s workforce challenges stem from the unprecedented levels of dynamism in the areas of skills diversity, reduced tenure, and increased churn from the "Great Resignation." Unlike the stable and predictable workforce of the past, today workers are hard to find and keep.

The result is that companies are struggling to onboard, guide, and support their frontline workforce so that it can work at acceptable levels of safety, quality, and productivity. Smart, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered connected worker platforms provide the tools to not only survive in this new normal but to also thrive.

Maximize BidPrime

Relevant Opportunities. You know how important it is to be matched with, and receive, the most relevant opportunities. We also understand and couldn’t agree more.

Some on how it works: BidPrime processes all newly-issued opportunities through our Opportunity Analysis Classification Engine (OACE). This AI-based system gathers information from a broad set of internal analysis algorithms to tag and score every opportunity to relevant weighted clusters including categories, proxy tags, and commodity/service domains.

Next, BidPrime’s team of Business Analysts builds Customer Profile Templates for every account, finely tuning every Profile’s unique existing set of catalogs, codes and/or keyword settings to relevant, matched results, using OACE’s proven matching method.

Every new Account will be carefully customized through almost any preferred method -- codes, keywords, boolean searches, and any other feedback or resources provided by you. We regularly perform calibration updates to Customer Profile Templates. In addition, customers are regularly surveyed to ensure customer success.

Proven data science, industry-forward classification, and an experienced Austin, Texas-based team of Account Managers and Business Analysts deliver the versatility needed for customers to identify relevant opportunities matched to any unique requirement or need. Our team of experienced professionals are standing by, ready to help you.

If you ever need help with the relevancy of your opportunities, contact your Account Manager or call toll-free (888) 808-5356.

BidPrime Spotlight

’The Big Bid Theory’. The little show gets a bit bigger.

On April 21st, 2015, Jim Ward conceived of the idea for a podcast that would further bring together topics and experts that are important to BidPrime’s customers and a wider audience. In the early days, Jim teamed with Bill Culhane to launch the show. Soon, Jim imagined and brought forth ‘Crazy Bids you can win’. ‘The Big Bid Theory’, powered by BidPrime, was born. For a show with a lofty goal of running for one season, TBBT is now in its 8th season!

There’s more to the story. Jim has transitioned into the important position as adviser and producer of the show. Bill, still along for the ride as host, now joins Rick Jennings, who has ascended to the role of audio engineer and Crazy Bids extraordinaire. This doesn’t count the many others, doing great work behind the scenes, who make TBBT the goodness that it is.

Still more. Beginning in Season 8, TBBT is now distributing a video version of each interview with our special guests. You can head over to YouTube for another opportunity for you to connect with people in the know and impactful stories in our world. As Bill jokes, "Indeed, he has a face for radio!"

The Big Bid Theory

Changing government purchasing & mankind one edition of #CrazyBids at a time. Special guests discussing special topics. All of that and more. A lot more!

Season 8 is off and running and who better to bring on than Dr. Rodney Rohde! Our resident US public health expert helps cover a myriad of topics. Dr. Rohde and our host, Bill Culhane, discuss what has been learned about the US healthcare system, since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. They also review the importance and rise in focus on hygiene, impact of the pandemic on staffing in healthcare, and Dr. Rohde updates us on the lab professionals calendar.

In the first version of Crazy Bids for this season, Rick Jennings discloses a fear and a bid that will have you, uh, chomping at the bit.

All of that and more. A lot more!

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