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BidPrime News Apr 28, 2020

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BidPrime Support / Services re COVID-19

Message from Stephen Hetzel, BidPrime's COO:

Our hearts go out to all who have or will possibly be impacted by the COVID-19 virus. In addition, we have tremendous appreciation for the many people in healthcare, science, and government agencies working to deal with the pandemic. Our company is committed to doing our part to support and comply with health and safety guidance and recommendations being communicated by the CDC, WHO, along with other reputable sources. FULL STATEMENT



Post-Pandemic Preparation. Be ready for the Government ContractAs of the last report, the United States Treasury Department is proposing a $1 trillion stimulus package to spur economic stability during the COVID-19... Read More

COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan ApplicationSBA is collecting the requested information in order to make a loan under SBA's Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program to the qualified entities listed... Read More

Legislative Watch: Responding to the Coronavirus PandemicState legislatures have introduced more than 200 bills relating to COVID-19 since the beginning of the year to address public health issues... Read More

Why Digitizing Professional Licensing is Critical in the Time of Social Distancing... and All TimesToday, one in four workers - or about 40 million individuals - require government approval via license to perform their jobs. Read More

Virus Shutdown: Time for Digital Government to Prove ItselfGovernment IT staff and industry researchers weigh in on how digital services are meeting their moment, with office buildings closed, Web traffic spiking and applications for relief programs becoming increasingly urgent. Read More

Cybersecurity prevention can save your company $682KFor many cyber security professionals, one of the biggest challenges they face isn't stopping the next cyberattack, it's proving the value of something that didn't happen. A new report from the Ponemon Institute may finally give them the data they need to show that what they do is saving the organization money. Read More

LED Lighting Drivers Market 2025 Growth Opportunities, Top Key Players, Industry OutlookQY Research has recently curated a research report titled, Global LED Lighting Drivers Market Research Report 2020. The report is structured on primary and secondary research methodologies that derive historic and forecast data. Read More


Industry Analysis


The outbreak of COVID-19 is a human tragedy of terrible magnitude, devastating the health and finances of millions upon millions in the U.S. and around the world.

Yet, despite the awful toll the coronavirus pandemic is taking on the economy here and abroad, the public sector in North America is still actively soliciting and purchasing goods, services, and solutions as before. The difference now is that a growing volume of those solicitations expressly pertain to slowing or stopping the spread of the contagion and/or providing care and relief to its victims.

COVID-19 bid / RFP Hub



How much are U.S. government agencies influencing the development, power, and availability of 5G? Very much.

Throughout the worlds of federal, state, and local government, 5G is being used to increase speeds and maximize coverage. The networks are growing and it isn't just to enhance the internet surfing experience. Prepare the checklist. There are a number of applications for 5G, across many industries. FULL REPORT


The U.S. economy in 2019 was robust and by almost any measure one of the best of the last 50 years. For the federal treasury, that financial vigor translated into more tax revenues.

The estimated national tax haul in fiscal year 2019 was $3.44 trillion, up $111 billion from the previous fiscal year's take. Economists working for the feds expect to raise another $200 billion during fiscal year 2020, bringing total U.S. government income through the end of this September to $3.64 trillion. FULL REPORT


Maximize BidPrime


We've come up with yet another way to make the BidPrime platform work harder and better for you. Our latest improvement lets you customize the way bid email alerts landing in your inbox are presented to you.

You now have over 1,250 styles and presentation configurations from which to choose. They're incredibly easy to use, too.

You start by selecting one of five primary templates. Once you've made a pick, you then opt for format preferences from a user-friendly menu of possibilities. When you're finished, all your arriving bid alerts will look the way you've decided makes viewing the received information most useful to you (as opposed to us making it look the way we think is most useful to you). Read more. READ MORE  


BidPrime Spotlight


Excited you're on our team, Matt Elrod! Matt, the San Antonio native, is an important part of our New Business Development team.

A graduate of Texas State University, we now have five Bobcats on our team, Matt graduated with a BBA in Marketing, and a Minor in Psychology. During his professional career, Matt has interned at the Edwards Aquifer and worked in sales for a variety of other businesses. Matt moved to Austin three years ago, and has enjoyed his time in the ATX (more on that later)!

According to Matt, he has grown to appreciate the way things are run at BidPrime, "the management here is by far the best I have seen." As he has hit the ground running, Matt is enjoying mastering his understanding of government bidding and purchasing, "This has been incredibly fascinating to learn and has given me a completely new perspective of how the worlds of government and business operate."

Please join us in welcoming Matt to our team and if you want to learn more about working at BidPrime, go to Careers.

DID YOU KNOW? Matt has had the same group of best friends since high school and they touch base almost every day. Matt knows his away around the kitchen, "I LOVE to cook!" Matt is also a huge film and music nerd, perfect hobbies for living in Austin.


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