BidPrime Quarterly, Edition: 13, 2019 - Q2

BidPrime News Jul 16, 2019

What's New from BidPrime

Last month we shared an early preview webinar of our New Market Analysis. In this webinar, we demonstrated how to research and leverage BidPrime's library of more than a decade of government bid data. We also listened to your feedback during this interactive webinar and incorporated many suggestions into this release, as well as future updates in our product pipeline.

Build your own custom Market Analysis

Visit the Search page when you're logged into BidPrime. Upon searching for a keyword, click 'Create Report' to view your own custom Market Analysis.

Customize your Market Analysis

Choose different views for your Market Analysis. Research trends over multiple years or custom chosen dates.

Save your Market Analysis

After you fine tune the view of your Market Analysis, click the 'Save' icon to save it. This way you can access it any time.

Access your Saved Market Analysis

When you're logged into BidPrime, conveniently access your Market Analysis under the 'Reports' area. You can even share this custom link with management or colleagues.

Your Market Analysis provides you an alternate vantage point to BidPrime's comprehensive, real-time bid data. Easily sift through the relevant recurring bids and contract opportunities   Execute thousands of user-directed searches in just a few seconds. 

Today, start making use upon robust, quickly aggregated and precise data. Click here to begin creating these reports to evaluate 10+ years of historical competitive trends and analytics for U.S. federal, state and local, and/or Canada bid/RFP activity. 

If you have any questions regarding this feature, or about BidPrime, visit our website or call 888.808.5356.

My Best,

Josh Schwartzbeck / Chief Technology Officer / BidPrime


Why Should Organizations Care About Hurricane Risk?
Significant portions of the United States are at risk for the effects of tropical storms and hurricanes...

Market Analysis is BidPrime's Newest Research Tool Designed to Help You Plan and Predict
BidPrime recently unveiled the powerful research tool Market Analysis - the first in a planned line of products to significantly improve your business decision-making. 

Florida Gov. Puts Millions Toward Election Security Efforts
Election officials in the state will have up to $5.1 million to gird the 2020 presidential election against cyberthreats...

US economy is at risk of losing $4T in GDP if we don't act on infrastructure
American Society of Civil Engineers' Casey Dinges on the potential long-term economic impact from investing in infrastructure.

Texas 'tiger team' helps agencies move to the cloud
About 85 percent of Texas state agencies in Texas are using some form of cloud services, but Todd Kimbriel, the state's chief information officer, wants to make that journey even easier.

The world's best supercomputers are being updated to run AI software faster 
The upgrades include changes to make AI programming simpler - and to speed up powerful machines for specific AI tasks.

Digital Signs Point the Way to a Brighter Future
To improve constituent services and employee communication, agencies turn to video screens to broadcast information more efficiently.

Small businesses feeling good about current economy
Their increased confidence is causing more than a few small business owners to grow their businesses--and their benefits.

Industry Analysis


Ransomware attacks are on the rise and pose a growing threat to us all. The cyber-criminals behind them are electronically imprisoning computers and data belonging to government entities, healthcare institutions, law-enforcement organizations, private businesses, consumers, and more. No one and no sector is safe. Expect zero letup any time soon in the frequency and extent of ransomware attacks. Full Report.


On any given day, 500,000 people are homeless in the United States of America. The homeless crisis in the U.S. is a problem drawing many opinions, but devoid of very many easy solutions. Despite that challenge, there are a number of local, state, and federal agencies rolling up their sleeves and tackling the issues. Full Report.

Education Spending

BidPrime is seeing prolific bid-and-purchasing activity for education-related industries, equipment, solutions, and services. Full Report.


Maximize BidPrime

Relevancy. Get only the bids/RFPs important to you.

We understand that not all businesses are created equal. Even businesses in the same industry can provide quite distinct materials, services, and solutions. Our entire team at BidPrime, your assigned Account Manager, stand ready to ensure your search results are relevant to you and your business.

It is with this understanding, that we designed our robust array of technology tools. You want the bids/RFPs that match your business’s specific needs.

Along with the power of our technology, our clients have discovered that our solutions offer a level of customization unseen elsewhere in our industry. We use custom data matching tools to provide you with only the most relevant opportunities.

As some of you are aware, other bid search engines rely on very generalized and antiquated code systems. As a result of miscoded bids by government employees or internal staff, their customers either miss bids entirely or are forced to sort and dig through long, imprecise lists of irrelevant solicitations.

For additional customization, you have access to, and can utilize, our ‘Advanced Search’ feature. This allows you to ‘Exclude’ any bids that would otherwise clutter your search results.

You can also use the very helpful ‘Create Alert’ tool to setup and be notified, via email, on any new matches, based on your alert(s).

Again, if you have any questions, or aren’t comfortable with using the ‘Advanced Search’ or ‘Create Alert’ tools, your Account Manager will be excited to assist you in setting up the searches, or aid you in better understanding the tools.

We're here to make the government bid process easier for you. For more, call 888.808.5356.

BidPrime Spotlight

Our clients, and those who work in and around BidPrime, know that we have a talented, diverse team with many interesting backgrounds and personalities. Many of our teammates at BidPrime are proud, born and bred Texans. Jen Lopes, who joined our Client Support team two years ago, has hit the ground running and is one of those who isn't a native Texan, but "got to Texas as quickly as she could!"

More about Jen

The Big Bid Theory

Changing government purchasing & mankind one edition of #CrazyBids at a time. Special guests discussing special topics. All of that and more. A lot more!

Terrorism Revisited. The Threat Today with Dr. Colin Clarke.


Dr. Colin Clarke, author of After the Caliphate, returned to 'The Big Bid Theory' to update you on a myriad of subjects surrounding terrorism. Along with discussing his latest book, Clarke delves into financing, impact of migrant populations, strategies and tools for combating terrorism, a list of prevailing threats currently, and more.

A complex and broad problem. Government agencies in the United States, federal, state and local, continue to invest in the fight against terrorism. Is enough being done and are the optimal solutions in use?

Are you ready to live abroad? In this edition of Crazy Bids, Bill covers a bid involving U.S. backed support for humanitarian efforts in Syria.

Homelessness in US. It's a We Problem.


As you listen to this episode, there are approximately 500,000 people who are homeless in the United States. As in, roughly half of the population for the state of Rhode Island! We wanted to know why and, as usual, we went right to ground zero for your expert.

Dr. Margot Kushel, Director of the UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations, is recognized as an authority on issues facing the homeless and, this is important, has spent a significant portion of her professional life tackling the problems head-on. Dr. Kushel covers the scope of the problem, the impact on the healthcare system, what she would like to see government agencies do (note: some are taking action), and more. Spoiler alert: Some of her points will possibly make people uncomfortable.

In this edition of Crazy Bids, the state of Maryland is attempting to address the opioid crisis from the front.

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