BidPrime Anniversary. Exciting Eight Years Behind Us with Much More to Come!

BidPrime News Sep 07, 2017

Kind words from a friend and visionary:

August 2009 seems like a long time ago, indeed time does fly when you’re having fun. Way back in the beginning, Stephen Hetzel and Josh Schwartzbeck were a couple of guys who, based on their experiences in the government data industry, became convinced there was a better way for gathering government bids, contracts, and awards in real-time. In addition, they understood that effective, positive customer service was sorely lacking in the industry. So, starting with the bold and healthy belief that anything is possible, BidPrime was launched!

What’s to celebrate?

We’ve stayed true to our initial mission of improving upon the consolidation of state and local government bids and RFPs to provide a clear and timely window into government purchasing. Similar to many businesses, we had a humble “bootstrapped” beginning, with only 3 individuals handling content, operations, support, engineering, and business development. With that mindset since launch, we focused on building a solution with high integrity that could “sell itself” without needing dozens of sales and marketing staff. Quite a contrast to what existed back then, and is still prevalent today.

Smart growth. Since our launch, we have evolved into a world-class and highly tenured team, with staff in our Austin, Texas headquarters, as well as Seattle, Washington. Many of our staff were the first hired in their roles and have grown into vital roles within the company.

We have grown year over year, and become a major disruptor in the marketspace. Without a doubt, we have no plans to lose sight of client-focused innovation that led us to this point.

Over the past week, we took a few moments to celebrate our 8th anniversary and recognize the success we have enjoyed and contributions we have made in helping thousands of clients, across the United States, Canada, and elsehwere. Without a doubt, we understand that we have not done this alone.

As an added bonus to the festivities, the incomparable Gary Gallegos flew in to share in the excitement. Before BidPrime was launched, and still today, Gary has been instrumental in providing guidance, suggestions, and even levity, based on his decades of success in business and background in government. As Gary proclaimed during his visit, “Here’s to many, many more years to come!” Thank you to the many clients, vendors, and friends of the company who also expressed their well wishes.

For more information on BidPrime, who we are and what we do, call us at 888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.

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