Are Government Procurement Careers or RFPs an Opportunity for You?

The Big Bid Theory Nov 16, 2022

Have you considered a rewarding career in public sector procurement? Are you a business considering pursuing government contracts? Gwen Turensky, a Procurement Specialist, in the Purchasing and Contracts Office, Maricopa County, Arizona, stopped by the show to share her expertise.

Gwen breaks down specifics about the career and opportunities out there. Then, Gwen covers the bid/RFP creation process and details on what businesses should know, including the single most important suggestion every business should know!

Bill offers congratulations to everyone who voted in the recent elections and a special acknowledgement to Chris Deluzio, a guest on the show back in Season 5, and is now Congressman-elect, Pennsylvania-17. Congrats to Chris and each who were elected.

As always, Rick Jennings wraps up the episode with the latest installment of Crazy Bids you can win. Rev your engines and get ready for it!

All of that and more. A lot more!

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