$2 trillion ‘American Jobs Plan’ proposed—abundance of bid/RFP opportunities ahead for contractors and vendors

BidPrime News Apr 09, 2021

At the end of March, the White House presented an unprecedented economic proposal that aims to relatively quickly put a massive $2 trillion into the hands of government contractors, vendors, and designated public beneficiaries.

So enormous is the size of this spending plan that it could open the door to bid opportunities for those who provide goods, services, and solutions to public purchasing authorities at the federal level of U.S. government, with state and local entities benefitting, as well. In fact, there is an extraordinary amount of money being discussed.

Officially the proposal is called the 'American Jobs Plan'. There is an emphasis on government-funded hiring incentives, to be sure. However, the hiring is more of a byproduct. The main thrust of the 'American Jobs Plan' is to fund projects that will maintain and improve the nation’s infrastructure—roads, bridges, railways, ports, water pipes, institutional buildings, and more. Much, much more.

Nothing is yet set in stone, though. The 'American Jobs Plan' is in the process of making the way through Congress.

Preparing for the eventuality that the 'American Jobs Plan', or some variation, does come to fruition, you’ll find BidPrime an essential companion for successfully taking advantage of the vast trove of opportunities this spending measure potentially represents.

Indeed, BidPrime’s support can put you ahead of your competitors in the race to win government awards. What you gain from BidPrime is instant access to vital, must-know information about government bid/RFP opportunities, associated bid documents, and the submission requirements. In many instances, these insights are available to you minutes after bid opportunities are announced.

The view of the proposal from 30,000 feet

Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you’re having trouble wrapping your mind around the enormity of the spending contained in the pages of the 'American Jobs Plan' proposal. It’s not often a budget presents numbers with so many zeroes attached (12, to be precise—here’s what it looks like in long form: $2,000,000,000,000).

According to the proposal, nearly one-third of that immense sum ($621 billion) would be dedicated to transportation-related infrastructure projects.

Sample Transportation bids / RFPs

From USA Today: “[The plan] would spend $174 billion, or about 28% of the [$621 billion] transportation portion, on electric vehicles. That includes a network of 500,000 electric vehicle stations, using electric vehicles in bus fleets, and replacing the federal government's fleet of diesel transit vehicles with electric vehicles. It would also offer tax incentives and rebates for electric cars.

“About $115 billion would pay for fixing roads and bridges, chosen by those in most need of repair. That includes 20,000 miles of highways and roads, the 10 most "economically significant" bridges in the U.S. as well as 10,000 smaller bridges.

“Another $85 billion is set aside for modernizing transit systems and $80 billion for a growing backlog of Amtrak repairs as well as improvements and route expansion. Airports, ports, and waterways would also receive improvements.”

As eye-popping as that $621 billion is, it’s smaller than the spending planned in the area of housing and development.

The vision is to allocate $213 billion of $650 billion to modernize some 2 million existing homes and commercial spaces as well as to build new ones and preserve those designated as historically or culturally important.

Many of those homes and commercial buildings are served by water mains and interior pipes made of lead. There are health hazards associated with the consumption of drinking water carried by lead pipes, so the 'American Jobs Plan' earmarks $111 billion for replacing those distribution system components with pipes fashioned from safer materials.

Sample Water bids / RFPs

Another $100 billion would go for public schools. Most of the allocation would be used to replace rundown or ramshackle schoolhouses and to build modern new ones. Contractors are likely to see RFPS/bid opportunities for not only construction equipment, materials, and fixtures, but also for everything imaginable to go inside the completed structures—desks, chairs, pencils, paper, chalkboards, books, electronics, sports gear, teaching aids, and more.

Sample School Construction bids / RFPs

There remain places around the U.S. where residents have no access to high-speed broadband services. That would change thanks to the $100 billion designated for broadband towers, cables, equipment, and all the extras required to bring service where none currently exists.

Sample Broadband bids / RFPs

An expansion of Medicare is on tap if the 'American Jobs Plan' becomes law. Four-hundred billion is what would be available to pay for more services to more people—which could easily translate into needs for everything a medical office or facility, its staff, and patients would require in terms of equipment, supplies, furnishings, and more.

One more major area of spending: $300 billion for purchasing anything and everything deemed vital for boosting domestic manufacturing.

Sample Manufacturing bids / RFPs

Ways BidPrime can help you win contracts

BidPrime's technology, tools, and service will connect you with government RFPs and bid opportunities that you might otherwise never know about. Given the size of the 'American Jobs Plan', RFPs and bid opportunities could be published fast and furiously if the proposal is enacted. The speed and volume of those opportunities might be such that you’ll have difficulty spotting those most relevant to your business and interests without the level of support available from BidPrime.

With the imminent increase in infrastructure-related bids/RFPs, BidPrime has developed and released a new hub aimed at expedited mass-sharing of federal, state, and municipal solicitations related to the 'American Jobs Plan'. See the following list of industries for bid opportunities associated with each.

Infrastructure bid / RFP Hub

What we have done at BidPrime is combined proven data science, industry-leading classification techniques, and the expertise of people intimately familiar with the workings of government bidding processes into a single, powerful platform that significantly increases your ability to identify and land the contracts your business wants and needs.

To give yourself the strongest possible shot at the opportunities originating from the pending 'American Jobs Plan', you should take advantage of BidPrime’s free, no obligation trial to compare against your current solution or process. With the 'American Jobs Plan' on the horizon, the timing is perfect.

Learn more about how we help you discover and successfully respond to government RFP/bid opportunities. Please visit our website or call us at (888) 808-5356 to discuss your business needs and goals.

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